How to Unlock Any iPhone without Siri or Passcode Simply?

How to Unlock Any iPhone without Siri or Passcode Simply?

When you receive an iPhone given by a friend or relative even if you bought it second hand that was used before trying to use it, it works for the Apple ID and you do not know How to deal with this, you will need a method that allows you to enter the phone in other ways. Siri tripping is one of the most commonly used methods to bypass the iPhone 6 passcode. This trick is in use with a fingerprint authentication and Siri will wake up. After that, you have to say: Cellular data. And you’re going to enter data settings.

Unlock iPhone passcode without Siri:

Here is the process to Unlock iPhone without Siri.

Download the program and connect the iPhone to the computer:

Download screen unlock from official website and follow step-by-step directions for unlocking iPhone. After installing the software, run the program and click on “Start” shown in the snapshot below.

Boot up the iPhone in DFU mode:

Now, boot the iPhone into DFU mode. This process can be completed by shutting down the iPhone, then switch it back for at least 10 seconds by pressing Volume Down and Power button. When the screen light appears, release the power button when pressing the volume down button until DFU mode is enabled.

Download the firmware package:

Once the iPhone enters DFU mode, the screen unlocked will confirm the information of the iPhone such as information about iOS, iOS version, generation etc. Choose the correct information for your device and click “Download”.

Start to verify firmware package:

Then click “Start to verify”¬†After the package of firmware is downloaded, Once the firmware package is downloaded this may take several minutes because these files are large in size. After the verification is successfully completed, click on “Start with Unlock”.

Start to unlock iPhone passcode:

Click “Unlock”. After that type “0000” to unlock on the Promoted Window, and Then your iPhone passcode will be unlocked!

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